Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Simone - SLWC with Big Toe Spica

It seems Casted Memories is becoming a reliable source for beuatiful examples of the big toe spica - to me a far underappreciated cast variation. In these pictures Simone sports a Short Leg Walking Cast with an open toe spica exposing the tip of her broken digit. Her other toes are completely exposed and so sexy hanging out of the cast. Also its nice to see other people think glasses are cute because some of us have no choice but to wear them.

Simone SLWC & Toe Spica, Hot Date, Lil Black Dress & Big White Cast - Gimping & Foot Play: Poor Simone! She's got her lil' black dress on for a hot blind date her friend has set up. Trouble is she also has a big white cast on and a huge toe spica that's killing her with each step in her awkward one heel gimp on the hard hot concrete. You can see her distress with many closeups showing her flexing her good ankle while wiggling the remaining pitifully exposed toes she still can. She's early for the date and in hanging in the park in late afternoon cooling her one heel. She gimps about aimlessless, struggling on stairs and occasionally calling her friend to see if the date's still on or if the guy has put it off because of her huge cast.... In the park she sits to massage her tired and decides to try on a stocking to see if things will look better, but after pulling up her hose she quickly decides to take them off again. She has another change of heart when she gets to the place (with the hose on now). Well her date is not there and she is left to pace the stairs. Her feet are aching and she pulls her one heel off so she can massage her casted toes with her good nyloned foot. She calls her friend to see whats up and apparantly Prince Charming saw her gimping from the distance and decided tonight would be no dance party... And so our erstwhile Cinderella remains with one shoe and no date as she sadly gimps her way home... [Pic and Caption from]

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Casted Bunions

In the yahoo group bunion-hammertoes, there is a photo album called "casted bunions and bunions" featuring an assortment of pictures, my favorite of which I have reposted here.

I love how tremendously huge her casts are; big toe spicas are my favorite kind of cast accessory and I love how cartoonishly big the soft cast makes them in this pic. Her toes and big toe tips push through all that padding to be seen - such a cute look.

This poor foot with a significant bunion, causing her second toe to overlap her big toe slightly, looks like it's been pretty badly smashed. the cast is super tight with her bunion pushing out the side and her toes look very badly bruised - perhaps broken The side view shows how her toes have twisted and stick wider than the cast.

Again, the big bunion sticking outside of the cast. It looks like she's trying to splay her stiff little hammertoes. And who doesn't love green casts?

The toe-plate on this cast displays her bunion and toes perfectly. See how swollen and bruised her foot is in the top picture - all her toes are all plump and discolored from her broken bones.

from this angle you can see how big the bunions are and the twist and overlap of the big toe. This poor big toe is strapped with medical tape, the whole front of her foot sticking out of the cast which looks as if it could never contain her bunion.