Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shuyene - SLWC with Big Toe Spica

Another wondeful toe spica from Casted Memories. This time the loveley Shuyene. They did many picture sets and videos out of this cast - a beautiful white SLWC with a big toe spica. One of my favorite things about this spica is the way the tip of her big toe sticks out of the cast firmly holding it in place. She has beautiful feet with wiggly toes and I think this is a lovely set all together.






Shuyene SLWC w/toe spica Gimping the Monuments, Stair Climbing and Extreme Foot play
Another "must see" for foot play fans. We are quite pleased to have just remade this classic in large size because shuyene has one of the most perfect toes we've had the pleasure to work with -- and there are lots and lots of wonderful foot play closeups. Toe spicas are rare and the girls have a hard time gimping in them but that doesn't stop poor shuyene when she has to climb up and down a bunch of marble and circular stone stairs as she tours a liberty monument... her toe spica is really smarting and she's quite despondent and self-conscious about people checking out her four pretty polished toes. While her big toe is wrapped in its plaster prison. The only thing the poor girl can wear on her other four bare toes is a cute toe ring and its obvious she is less than comfortable about it as she engages in a number of great scenes of closeup deep massage of her four helpless lil piggies. A great great clip... [Caption and thumbnail from]

Shuyene SLWC Cast Application with Toe Spica Part #2
shuyene's cast application continues with more plaster applied to her toe spica and foot followed by the rest of her leg. Her heel is then a applied. You'll love the scenes when her cute littl ecasted toes are cleaned by drawing a damp gauze between each little piggy. Finally shuyene checks out her new permanent plaster shoe. [Caption and thumbnail from]

Shuyene SLWC Cast Application with Toe Spica Part #1
shuyene gets herself prepared for this first part of cast application. The tecnician checks out her pretty foot and rotates her ankle mistakenly tickling her. He then applies the cast stocking and the first few layers of bandage and fiber including the bandage around her toe. When the video ends, plaster is being applied to to her foot and toe. [Caption and thumbnail from]

Shuyene Cafe Gimp and Extreme Footplay SLWC with Toe Spica
shuyene gimps off to lunch from work to an outdoor cafe where she can air out her exposed toes and wiggle them as she sits and eats. Nice closeup shots of her casted toes and her good foot as she takes her painful one spiked heel off to wiggle and curl them right in your face! Then she puts her painful spiked heel back on and gimps back to the office but doesn't get far. She mut use a bench to rest, pull her shoe off and massage both feet (closeups), Finally she puts her shoe back on. [Caption and thumbnail from]

Shuyene SLWC w/Toe Spica -- Gimp to Work & Footplay
Businesswoman shuyene gimps to work in a smart suit, short skirt and one gold spiked heel. Her other leg is encased in an slwc and her big toe in a spica. Some beautiful semi-closeups open this video as ashe gimps down the street to cross a large road. She continues gimping with more full body and closeup shots as she gimps down the street and up stairs. Then she stops as a beautiful waterfall within the city to take off her one lonely heel and massage her one good foot by standing on her cast while she massages the sole of her raised foot from behind (more great worms eye view and closeups). She then puts her shoe on and gimps down the stairs and the street. The gimp is pronounced with her different-sized heels and toe spica. After walking a bit more she tires and leans on the wall to once again massage her good foot (more great worms eye view and closeups). Check out her unhappy face as she deeply massages between her toes. Then she bends down to massage her toes as well frist with her hands and then with her other foot! Finally after rsteing her foot on her cast she puts back her shoe and gimps off again and across the street. [Caption and thumbnail from]

Sample Video

Poor Asian hottie tourist Shuyene is forced to gimp around in an an slwc and toe spica - with nothing on her four exposed perfcer toes but a toe ring and some polish. Just her luck all the good monuments involve climbing steep craggy stone stairs. Its not long before she needs to give herself a good deep foot massage! [Description from YouTube]

Missie - Casts and Bunions

So, this post was removed several days ago because we failed to give EJ Cast the common courtesy of asking permission to write about his work and repost his original images. We have since gotten permission from him (really just ask him if you want to repost his work, he's a nice guy and just wants people to respect his wishes about his work - something I can totally respect as an artist). We are very pleased to share this lovely set of pics:

One of the new Broken Angelz, Missie features one of my favorite combinations - casts and bunions. This poor girl is plagued by a casted foot, severe bunions on both feet, and cute little tailor bunions on her short pinkies. I love how soft and meaty her soles look - and how pronounced the angle of her bunions are.

Poor Missie's bunions are so bad she's forced into a cast and flip flop. Check her out as she crutches and power chair's around the big box store. [Caption From]

Busty Missie talks about her cast outside of her apartment and then crutches to a big box store where she shops and vogues in her slc. She has a lot to say about her her cast, how it feels and how people react as she both crutches and rests. Very nice closeups of her cast foot and "good" foot with the huge bunion... (looks like that one will need a real cast soon! [Caption from]

Photos in this post were used with the permission of the original creator DO NOT REPOST THESE IMAGES without written permission.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Video: Kiki in White Fishnets

I've always found fishnets sooooo sexy.  Especially sliding them off... In this video, Kiki has one stocking on and one off, with closeups of her gorgeous soles. I love how wide her forefeet are.

Bunions, Hammertoes, Corns and Amputated Pinkies

I have no idea where I found this picture but these feet are among the most beautiful I've seen pics of. I think it is lovely the way the pinkies are missing. She has bad bunions and hammertoes, which bend accordingly, the corns on top of her knuckles a sign of where they must hit the tops of her shoes. 

Beatrice - Toe Spica and Thumb Spica

Another set of free pics, this time of Beatrice of Casted Memories in a lovely combination short leg cast (SLC) with a big toe spica and a short arm cast with a thumb spica (SATS). I am a huge fan of finger and especially toe spicas and this is a stunning example.


And the thumbnails from

Marissa - Bunion Drawings

On the forums at I came across the work of an artist who went by the name "jrfootman" who did a series of drawings about characters with painful corns, bunions and overlapping toes, caused by wearing too small, too tight, too high heels. I really love his work - and wish I could find more!

Airport Series



The complete gallery is here:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bunion Videos

I believe these came from  Spanish speaking blog called Pasos? I think its gone now :( Thanks to we have a few archives:




I believe the last one is from a doctor who specializes in bunions - it's a shame he's about to mess these up:

To me all these feet are beautiful in their own way - I love the way the toes are so scrunched together and overlapping, how severely the big toe is angled - and how that changes the ways they can move...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bruised and Broken Pinky Piggies

One of the most painful expereinces of my life was catching my toe on a corner and breaking my pinky. It was swollen, off-colored and engulfed in gauze for weeks. To this day it makes a little popping noise when I bend it a certain way - Here are a few of my favorite pictures I have collected of some other people's broken pinkies.