Sunday, November 7, 2010

Liza SLC and Broken Toe

Found these screenshots of Liza from Swedishcrutch with a sexy black SLC and broken, bandaged baby toe - all on the same sexy foot!
Liza SLC and Toe Bandage Crutching, Hopping Footplay Lotion and Cast Removal
Liza crutches into her apartment showing off her slc and a bandaged little toe extension. She uses one crutch to get around the house and kitchen and she wiggles while she works -- in closeup. When she finally does sit down she props up her leg for some more closeups in your face toe wiggling. Then she hops and crutches around a bit and rubs cream on her exposed casted toes to both soften and warm them up. She then cuts off her cast and unwraps her toe bandage to reveal - a broken toe! [Caption and Thumbnail from:]